The Organization

Elson Group has formed our institute around a two tier concept;

“Our Studio”

Our studio is the Research Institute section of Elson Group. Our charge is to ascertain sound ideas that have the authority to shape human minds about social, cultures and religious concepts. This is a difficult and time consuming charge but unequivically well worth the effort. Our Studio is to represent an objective approach to the authenticating of ideas, mastering the art of logically filtering the many social, cultural and religious ideologies that represent current thoughts.

Our Senior Fellows are individuals that take great pride in careful and rigorous research, analyzing and writing. Within this area of responsibility we focus on two (2) fields of study defense and polemics (arguments) that provide educational material and insight to extensive worldview ideas. Our studio is responsible for producing written work that will be of great benefit to social and cultural decision-makers.

Our sources are also available to the general public because no mind deserves to be kept in the intellectual dark.

“Our Symposium”

From Studio to Symposium – To give permission to our ideas, Elson Group hosts symposiums. The goal of these symposiums is to generate thinking, work toward solutions, persuasion, reveal answers, and hold given ideas accountable. Permission for ideas involves discussion forums that invite both similar and diverse opinions a place of expression.

In Ancient Greece, symposiums represented a celebration, an intellectual quest to increase ones level of understanding.

Reasons for symposiums:

  • Discussions                 scholastically more advanced
  • Civil Public Square         conducting unity among diversity
  • Contrast                    strength in contrasting ideas
  • Accountability              ideas are held accountable

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