“Shaping minds and worldviews toward intellectual integrity”

Elson Group was founded in 2010 and is a 501(c)(3), under the purposes of education and religion. Institutionally we are a think tank engaged in the research, development, and communication of comprehensive worldview ideas.

Ideas are powerful, and are responsible for all human decision and action. Filtering and purging ideas necessarily produces a wise understanding of reality, something Elson Group takes great pride in interpreting.

Elson Group’s Senior Fellows are a group of strategic thinkers encompassing the “liberal arts” entity within the domain of think tanks. Our goal is to explain and expand the realms of human knowledge, by authenticating ideas. Although our particular bias is of an Evangelical Christian ideology, we believe a necessary approach is from an objective forum with a quest for comprehensiveness. This task involves providing intellectually rigorous thoughts that then allow minds to be shaped.

As a think tank we are commissioned to provide the best possible research and analysis for social decision makers and general public, and then express our findings in impressionable medians for the purpose of:

  • Social and Cultural acumen
  • Richly informed civil public square
  • Individual and Institutional profundity
  • Intellectual and experiential discipleship for Evangelical Christianity

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