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In Honor of Moral Excellence

A new book… Being Good: Christian Virtues for Everyday Life

Dr. Douglas Geivett and Dr. Michael W. Austin have co-edited this new book. As this book has not yet reached shelves (although is available for pre-order), I have not had the privilege of reading it; but I have read materials from many of its contributing authors. Both co-editors are accomplished philosophers and Christian thinkers.

Virtue – genuine excellence of personal character. Virtues shape character and character permits a certain disposition to the individual finding new value to the self. It is not clear that our current social and cultural frames concern themselves with delineating virtues over vices, but rather promote a relativistic search finding virtues applicable to the individual’s values. Being Good promises to help the reader understand 11 Christian virtues that commonly hold accountable a genuine, excellent character for everyday living.

I am excited about this book before even reading it for two reasons:

Integration of the 11 given virtues at an individual level subscribes directly to the health of the Christian worldview as well as to ethical and pragmatic fortitude for social and cultural living. Given that Christianity in the 21st century concerns itself with an emotive and imaginative epistemology and a reformed reputation constituted by sociological efforts, this inevitably produces a sort of utilitarian theory of virtues; this  book polemically ought to help recapture the essence of the virtuous Christian worldview.

Secondly, in this book is something that I, as a fellow Christian thinker and founder of a liberal arts think tank, find quite satisfying and intriguing – Strategy. Evangelicalism tends not to think strategically (or think, period), perhaps from some confused theological interpretation or weak worldview understanding, thinking and thinking strategically has become, as an article of faith, anti-Christian; this book challenges that disposition. Finding a book strategized by two Christian philosophers collectively pursuing nine other philosophers who specialize in each of the virtues addressed indicates a good book. I especially enjoy books that are project oriented, showing clear purpose and goals set to be reached. At the very least, this book will provide multiple-perspective approaches to virtue ethics.

In honor of moral excellence, may this book be next on your reading list!

The book can be ordered now, directly from Eerdmans here


More about the Authors:

Douglas Gievett

Michael W. Austin






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